About the Owners and Broker

The Owners of Referral Real Estate are JC Melvin and Julie Brown, both long time real estate brokers in the Las Vegas Market.

Between the two, they bring a vast amount of experience

and both are extremely well respected in the Real Estate community.


 Julie Brown                                                                                                    ​JC Melvin, Broker
 Julie Brown is the past CEO of Keller Williams Realty Southwest and partner in RRE.  She brings

                                           15 plus years of expertise in the Las Vegas real estate market to the team.                                            

JC Melvin is the CEO & Broker for both Keller Williams Realty Southwest and Referral Real Estate. 

He was recently named the 2014 REALTOR of the year by the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors.

He can be reached at 702-595-5024 or you can call the staff at the office with questions,

 Ask for Sheryl at 702-410-2150.

At Referral Real Estate - Las Vegas, we pride ourselves in being a viable license hanging company that allows its agents to sell New Homes. We are a NON-MLS company.


* You can sell New Homes built by licensed contractors (The area Builders)

* All commissions are paid on a 90/10 split, in favor of the agent

* Annual fee is $99.00 due with your signed agreement, and then each year

* There are NO Realtor fees and NO MLS fees

* There is no transaction fee or E & O fee charged on referral fee income

* There is a $100.00 E & O fee charged on New Home Sales 

* You are welcome to plug into our sister company's free CE training (Keller Williams SW)

* You may refer through our broker, JC Melvin, or to any agent you prefer directly

*You may refer anywhere in North America through our Broker Network, call JC

* You are still responsible for your State Business License ($200 per year)

* You are still responsible for your Clark County License (County not city)

* Agents are responsible to keep their real estate license current

The Company Deal and $$$ at RRE

NV Broker License # B.1001077                                                Federal TIN # 81-2271308